For  truck, light truck and heavy equipment (agriculture, construction machines) wheels up to 56". Self-centering adaptors are controlled by high pressure hydraulic system of 2-11 MPa working pressure.  Built-in manometer indicates pressure value during adaptors rotation. Standard working pressure is 11 MPa, but it is recommended to reduce it for weaker or thiner rims.



Rim Diameter 14"-56"
Max. Tire Width (mm) 1065x2300
Bead-breaker pressure force 2500 kg
Working pressure 130 bar
Single Speed Motor Standart (6-12 Rpm)
Rim Fixing Clamp and Lever Standart
Remote Controller Standart
Electric power supply 3 x 400V / 50Hz
Engine power 3 x 380V, 1,3 / 1,8 kW, 1400 / 3000 rpm
Pump motor 3 x 380V, 1,5 kW, 1400 rpm
Product Dimensions (mm) 2257x1540x1720
Weight 850 Kg

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