For truck and some light truck wheels. Clamping range 14"-28". Self-centering adaptors are controlled by high pressure hydraulic system of 2-11 MPa working pressure.  Built-in manometer indicates pressure value during adaptors rotation. Standard working pressure is 11 MPa, but it is recommended to reduce it for weaker or thiner rims.



machine weight 530 kg
wheel adaptor hydraulic
height (min./max.) 700/1160 mm
depth 1400 mm
width (min./max.) 1390/1800 mm
reducer motor 3x400V, 1.5 kW
pump motor 1.5 kW
motor power 1.5 kW
electric power supply 3x400 V/50 Hz
wheel rim diameter range 14"-28"
max. wheel rim diameter 1640 mm
max. wheel rim width 820 mm

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