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The tire vulcanizing tub PNEUBAD-1 is a device used to check the tightness of inner tubes and tubeless tires of passenger cars and vans.

The tested inner tube is immersed in water using a pneumatic actuator controlled by a lever valve, allowing the piston to be stopped in any position. The outlets for compressed air to the atmosphere are equipped with noise dampers.

The lightweight tank made of plastic is freely placed on the base and can be easily removed and tilted to clean its interior. At the bottom of the tank, there is a ball-type drain valve. The pressing umbrella is equipped with a basket that facilitates inserting the wheel into the tub and removing it, as well as allowing the wheel to be dried after being taken out of the water.


6 - 10 bar

Total tank capacity

437 L

Recommended water level - from the top edge of the bath

roboczy 200 mm / maks. 110 mm

water draining time

ok. 35 min.

Outside dimensions

1265/1040/2300 mm

Inside tank diameter

980 mm

Operational water capacity

ok. 300 L


80 kg

Wheel diameter range

średn. do 890 mm, szer. do 290 mm

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