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Paleta euro 200zł netto


  • Belt-driven two-stage compressor with increased pressure.
  • Compressor equipped with a 25um graded air suction filter.
  • Cast iron cylinder ensures longer lifespan and efficient cooling.
  • Piston sealing in the cylinder using three rings ensures low oiling of compressed air.
  • Modular valve plate maintains constant airflow, thanks to continuous cooling through the suction airflow.
  • Easy oil level control through a sight glass.
  • Two-stage compression process first up to 4 bar and finally to maximum pressure in the tank, with an intermediate cooling system.
  • Piston compressor where the engine is connected via a belt drive to the compressor unit.
  • Two pistons placed side by side in one cylinder, in-line arrangement.
  • Two-stage air compression, with the use of an air cooler in the inter-stage compression process, resulting in higher efficiency.
  • Equipped with a pressure gauge for tank pressure control and a pressure regulator with two quick couplers to facilitate tool connection.
  • Compressor operation controlled by a pressure switch ensuring automatic operation.
  • Automatic start at minimum pressure and shutdown upon reaching maximum pressure.
  • Additionally, the compressor is equipped with a relief valve to protect the engine from overload and facilitate compressor restart.
  • Compressed air tank secured with a safety valve and equipped with a drain valve for easy tank drainage.
  • The use of large diameter bearings in the crankshaft bearing system ensures their long lifespan.

Electric supply

400V / 50 Hz

Tank capacity

500 litrów

noise level

82 [dB]



Compression levels


Intake capacity

1210 l/min. (73 m3/h)

Motor power

7,5 kW

Max. pressure

10 bar


285 kg

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