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Duży gabaryt - indywidualna wycena od 1500zł netto

WN-04 is a balancing machine for one-, two- or three-pieces drive shafts.

Balancing results are shown on the monitor simultaneously for all positions to be corrected.

We offer as well balancers for cranckshafts, fan rotors, electric motor rotors and for other rotational mechanical parts.Balancing machines can be produced on customer’s individual order considering balanced parts parameters and specific features given by customer.


balanced shafts length (max.)

3550 mm (więcej na zamówienie)

balanced shafts diameter (max.)

300 mm

max. weight of balanced shafts

100 kg

Balancing accuracy

1 g

measuring speed of shaft

920 obr./min.

Measuring time

ok. 10 s

Power of the drive engine

0,75 kW

Electric supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Pneumatic power supply

6 - 10 barów

Basic colours

Colours on request

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