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WULKAN 500H | Uni-Trol


WULKAN 500H truck wheel washer is a modern device for depots, transport companies, service and repair workshops, and large vulcanization shops. With water heating system.

Operational advantages:

  • wheel washing in closed circuit of water (without permanent connection with the water inlet and outlet)
  • easy operation (with four control button)
  • washing practically with no physical effort (loading and unloading a wheel with a pneumatic lift) 

Standard accessories:

  • 50 kg granulate
  • granulate basket
  • rubber mat
  • foam insulation
  • 15 kg Calgonit



Wheel diameter 740-1200 (mm)
Wheel width 240-430 (mm)
Max. wheel weight 150 kg
Washing time adjustment (3 programmes) 60, 120, 240 s 60, 120, 240 s
Drying time adjustment 30 s
Pump drive – electric motor 5.5 kW 2900 rpm
Pump output 600 L/min
Wheel drive 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase, 1.1 kW 700 rpm
Water pressure 4 Bar
Noise level 78,3 dB (A)
Water capacity 500 L
Granulate quantity 40-50 kg
Dimensions 1080 x 1600 x 2170 mm
Weight 630 kg