Wheel Rim Straightening Machine for  steel and aluminum wheel rims 13"-24”. A wheel rim is repaired by means of a hydraulic cylinder supplied with suitable working end caps of various shapes. Quick-release hydraulic clamp holder provide fast, precise and secure rim fixing. This is an unique, unparalleled solution offered only by UNI-TROL.

Repair operations are easy and take not more than few minutes. Working end caps allow to fix a damaged wheel rim in any place of its deformation.

Not suitable for rims without central hole.

The wheel rim straightening machine is equipped with:

  • working end caps of various shapes suitable for different rim deformations
  • a set of centering rings for wheel rims of different central opening diameters
  • deformation positioning device
  • mounting plates with adjustable set screws
  • preliminary straightening lever



straightening cylinder force 45 kN
power supply 3x400 V/50 Hz
hydraulic pump motor power 0.55 kW
noise level  75 dB
wheel rim diameter range 13"-24”
drive motor power 0.55 kW
max. hydraulic pump pressure 200 Bar
weight 450 kg

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