PNEUBAD-1 Tyre Testing Bath

Tyre Testing Bath for verifying  tubes and tubeless tyres tightness for cars and light trucks.

A veryfied tube is immersed in water by pneumatic cylinder controlled by the lever valve  which can stop the piston in any position. Compressed air outlets are equipped with silencers.

A light plastic tank is placed on the base and can be easily removed and tilted for cleaning. A ball drain valve is installed in the tank's bottom.  A tyre can be easily placed inside and removed outside of the bath and dried by the pressure frame with a basket.



recommended water level - from the top edge of the bath operational level 200 mm / 110 mm max.
operational water capacity approx. 300 L
outside parameters 1265x1040x2300 mm
tyre diameter range up to 890 mm
air supply pressure 6-10 bar
total tank capacity 437 L
inside tank diameter 980 mm
weight of an empty tank 80 kg
water draining time approx. 35 min