E-1170 Nitrogen generator

Nitrogen generator with a built-in pumping system pumping four wheels simultaneously (passenger cars, vans and light trucks).

Two additional (optional) hoses for pumping six wheels (passenger cars and vans). Pumping truck wheels one at a time.


- The nitrogen output fits almost all types of vehicles
- Nitrogen filling function for up to 6 tires simultaneously by pushing one button
- The nitrogen purge function replaces the air in the wheels with standard nitrogen
- Filling 6 tires at once can save 40 to 60% of the time compared to a single inflation
- Fully automatic and programmed microprocessor controls the conversion system
- Self-diagnosis function
- Setting the desired pressure


Technical data:

Power supply 240 V / 50 Hz
Concentration of nitrogen 95-99+% adjustable
Compressed air quality 0,2 ppm
Max. pressure of nitrogen 10 - 12 bar
Weight 207 kg
Output pressure 0,3 - 11,2 bar adjustable
Efficiency 228 l/min.
Tank capacity 120 l