E-1136 Nitrogen generator

Advantage of using nitrogen instead of compressed air in tyres:

  • Reduced probability of tyre burts: During a travel, the tyre rubber full of air in the result of heating can release the flammable alkene type of gas. Once the tyre temperature rises to the gas kindling point, the alkene gas would self-ignite to expand the air that will make the tyre burst. Nitrogen, being one of the inert gases, can be resistant to self-ignition to burst the tyre.
  • Extended lifetime of tyre: Oxygen, water, oil, etc. in the air are liable to react with metal and rubber parts in the wheel to cause cracks, rust and aging. Nitrogen, however, being absent of the above mentioned contents, can exclude such bad reactions and thus extend a wheel lifetime. 
  • Lower fuel consumption: Thanks to lower infiltration, which is one of nitrogen's advantages over the air, keeps the pressure steady for a long time, which could make the tyre resistant to wear and helps to save fuel.
  • Less noise: In comparison with the air-filled tyre, driving with nitrogen-filled tyres becomes more comfortable, much quieter and smoother with a low noise transmission.


Technical data:

Power supply 230 V/50 Hz
Concentration of nitrogen 95% adjustable
Compressed air quality 0,2 ppm
Max. pressure of nitrogen 8 bar
Weight 104 kg
Output pressure of nitrogen ≤7,5 bar adjustable
Efficiency 50 l/min.
Min.compressed air flow 150 l/ min.