CNC Elegance HV

The CNC Elegance restores each rim to its original look and shine as if it had just rolled out of the factory. The machine not only removes scratches on the rim but also allows you to make some modifications and comprehensive renovation. The machine is equipped with 17.3 inch touch screen with a user-friendly graphical interface.


The movable control panel is always in the right place when working with the machine and after its completion returns to a special recess where it does not protrude beyond the machine. Under the touch screen there are control buttons and a special knob enabling the operator to very precisely control. The heart of the control panel is a computer running on Windows OS. It has a built-in WI-FI card that allows an operator to print a report or send it directly to an e-mail.

The software guides operator step by step through individual stages such as:

- centering verification,
- setting the start/end place of the measurement,
- creation of G-CODE,
- driving simulation,
- incision.
G-Code allows to operate with each subsequent identical rim without having to go through all the stages.



The machine offers three operating modes:

Open Mode - for beginners. The software guides the user step by step.

Pro Mode - for advanced users. The operator decides which stages of the work to use making a choice on one desktop.

Free Mode - for specialists who want to control the turning knife themselves in order to give the rim a unique shape.


Responding to the market needs we have created a simulation mode that allows the customer to check the blade path before the rim final processing. The operator decides how close to the rim to perform this simulation.

Two working planes and an ultra-accurate touch sensor.

Elegance CNC is equipped with a touch sensor that allows the measurement with an accuracy of 0.001 mm. A special handle allows the rim to be processed horizontally up to 28 inches and vertically up to 22 inches.





- Touch sensor with an accuracy of 0.001 mm,
- Durable X and Y axis guides,
- Electronic door lock,
- Internal LED lighting
- Internal camera for reports,
- Rim mounting holder with anti-skid system,
- Tri-color information lamp

Technical data:

Rim diameter range 28" / 22”
Dimensions 1320 x 2245 x 1620 mm
Electric supply 380 V
X axis guide motor power 1,1 kW
Z axis guide motor power 1,1 kW
Holder motor power 5,5 kW
Accuracy ±0.001
Weight 970 kg