2356 LP

End of production 12/21.

2356 LP  is a modern balancing machine designed for dynamic balancing of cars and vans wheels in one measurement cycle. Voice synthesizer confirms each operation and suggests wheel balancing methodology.

2356 LP is supplied with touchless automatic wheel measurement system.


  • pneumatic quick-release clamp
  • calibration device
  • voice synthesizer
  • laser adjuster
  • programme Alu + programme "hidden weight"
  • automatic positioning lock
  • non-contact wheel parameters acquisition
  • optimization
  • LCD monitor
  • operator memory
  • 7  ALU programmes
  • offset, rim width, rim diameter in ALU 6 and ALU 7
  • imbalance recalculation
  • clamp fo motobikes - option
  • adapte for wheels  whithout central hole - option

Pneumatic quick-release clamp allows quick, easy and central clamping and unclamping of wheels on a shaft.


Self-lubricating clamp prolong its life span.


Ergonomic pedal controls clamping process. 


Technical data:

Measuring speed: 140 rpm
Power supply: 230V/50Hz
Balancing accuracy: 1 g
Мax wheel weight: 70 kg
Motor power: 80 W
Rim width: 2"-15"
Rim diameter: 10"- 30"
Weight: 120 kg
Width b (b max): 1290
Height h (h max): 1450
Depth a (a max): 900
Pneumatic supply: 8 - 10 bar