TOTEM is a wheel balancer with laser measuring arm entering wheel parameters and wheel guidance system directing the wheel to unbalance point. The system memorizes the data and shows precisely the weight position. The machine is equipped with ultrasonic sonar for contactless wheel width measurement and rim recognition system according to the entered parameters. 

The completely new operating system based on two buttons and a wheel as a selection cursor makes the machine very intuitive to use.

The machine has a touchscreen LCD monitor making the navigation through the menu even easier and faster. The machine can be equipped with a pneumatic clamp.

  • Automatic positioning lock
  • Laser measuring arm
  • Laser line
  • Automatic ultrasonic non-contact rim width acquisition
  • ALU programmes
  • 2 ALU programmes for motorbikes
  • Optimization
  • Programme "hidden weight"
  • Voice synthesizer
  • Touchscreen LCD monitor


- pneumatic clamp
- printer
- lift
- laser on top (LOT)

Distinctive features:



- anvil




- ergonomic tool tray


Technical data:

Rim diameter range: 10” – 30”
Rim width range: 2” – 15”
Max. wheel weight: 80 kg
Balancing accuracy: 1 g
Measuring speed: 140 rpm
Motor power: 80 W
Power supply: 230V/50 Hz
Pneumatic supply: 8 - 10 bar
Dimensions (D/B/H) mm: 1010/1350/1550
Weight: 120 kg