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Ozone generator UT-10 | Uni-Trol

Ozone generator UT-10

For home, office, car, restaurant, hotel etc.  Designed to disinfect air, objects' surface and to remove unpleasant odors. Ozone output 10 grams/hour. Working time range from 1 till 60 min or continuous operation.

Advantages :

  • Removes unpleasant odors and disinfects living and working rooms, offices, hotels etc.
  • Neutralizes bacteria and viruses from objects' surfaces
  • Eliminates odors and disinfects cars
  • AC systems cleaning and disinfection



Technical data:

Ozone output 10 g/h
Ozone generation method Corona discharge
Air flow till 2.8 m3/min
Cooling Air cooling
Supply 230V / 50Hz
Noise level < 35 dB (A)
Durability > 8000 h
Humidity < 85%
Working temperature 14 - 28 Co
Dimensions 248x196x158 mm
Weight 1,95 kg
Working environment Interiors