The balancer is equipped with a patented system of automatic wheel parameters input based on real camera image. The laser pointer defines more precisely the correction point and shows the exact position for adhesive weights application.
MONOLITH with LOT-System (Laser On Top) is an ultra-modern balancing machine with even more accurate indication of the correction place. The laser beam sets axis "at 12 o'clock" eliminating the risk of mistakes in placing clip-on weights.     
Modern pneumatic quick-clamp significantly shortens the wheel mounting time and eliminates the risk of eccentric wheel mounting. Clamp mechanism is controlled by ergonomic pedal.     





  • Automatic protection hood
  • LOT-System (axis for weight positions  " at 12 o'clock")
  • Pneumatic quick clamp
  • Pneumatic brake at unbalance position
  • Calibration 
  • Voice synthesizer
  • Laser adjuster
  • Alu programmes
  • Automatic positioning lock
  • Contactless wheel parameters measurement
  • Optimization
  • USG rim width measurement
  • Programme 3P  - "hidden weight"
  • Touchscreen LED monitor
  • Print to file
  • Operator's memory
  • Automatic diameter, width and offset measurement
  • Unbalance recalculating

 Additional equipment:

  • Spike adapter
  • Pneumatic wheel lift PPK-1
  • Cones for vans and off-road cars (110-168 mm)
  • Printer

Technical data:

Imbalance position indicator accuracy 0.45 °
Rim diameter 10"-30 "
Rim width 2"-15"
Balancing accuracy 1 g
Max. wheel weight 80 kg
Measuring speed 140 rpm
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Air supply 8-10 bar
Motor power 80 W
Width 1250
Depth 980
Height 1990
Weight 120 kg