Automatic tyre-changer for car and van wheels including RUNFLAT tyres. The column and the arm move and blocked pneumatically. The robust construction and independent pneumatic arm saves operator time and effort. The tyres and wheels are handled with little effort and with the highest accuracy without the risk of tyre or rim damage. It also enables handling of aluminum rim wheels whiout any damage of delicate rim surface. The table of  two clamping ranges till 23 " or 26". The tyre-changer can be equipped with a 2-speed motor (7/14 rpm).

  • strong and solid design 
  • helper - powerful pneumatic bead assist device
  • self-centering four jaws turntable
  • tyre inflating gun with manometer
  • set of jaw protectors for aluminum rims
  • head roll guard
  • tyre lever
  • two-speed motor 7/14 rpm - option

Technological upgrades since January 2018:


- reinforced horizontal slide,

- grub screws to eliminate the lateral plays on slide during machine operation


- pneumatic cylinder to block and eliminate the plays on vertical slide


- pneumatic cylinder on horizontal slide improves machine rigidity and eliminate the risk of rim damage

- grub screws to eliminate the plays during machine operation 

- column axle pivot and adjusting pads make machine more rigid and durable

- ergonomic inside  provides long and failureless functioning of the main components

- big and precise cylinder


 Clamping range:



Clamping range 10"-26"
Max. wheel diameter 1070 mm
Bead-breaker cylinder force 2800 kg
Max. wheel width 15"
Weight 250 kg
Motor power 0.75 kW
Power supply 3 x 400V / 50Hz
Rotating speed 7 rpm / 14 rpm (ver. 2 speed)
Operating pressure 8-10 bar
Dimensions 850 / 1520 / 900 mm
Wheel clamp Pneumatic


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