For truck, car and light truck wheels dynamic balancing in a single measurement cycle.

Voice synthesizer confirms each operation and suggests wheel balancing procedure.

Laser adjuster identifies precisely weight placement location..

2362 L wheel balancer configuration:

  • car and delivery truck wheel balancing
  • truck wheel balancing
  • calibration - separate for car and truck wheels
  • voice synthesizer
  • hood
  • ALU Function – only for car wheels
  • monitor LCD
  • laser adjuster
  • lift

Standard equipment for 2362 L:

2362 C:

  • no car and light truck wheel balancing
  • calibration – only for truck wheels
  • no ALU Function, no SPLIT (Hidden Weight) Function

 Standard equipment for 2362 C:


rim diameter 10"-30"
rim width 2"-20"
max. wheel weight 200 kg
- truck wheels 10 g 
- car wheels 1 g
measuring speed 130 rpm
motor power 150 W
power supply 230 V/50 Hz
pneumatic power supply 8-10 Bar
depth a (a max.) 1100 mm
width b (b max.) 1630 mm
height h (h max.) 1580 mm
weight 250 kg