2322 is a wheel balancer for dynamic balancing of  truck and car wheels in one measurement cycle. Simple and fast calibration system makes work easier and improves balancing accuracy. The machine has legible desktop with LCD display. 

2322 Wheel Balancer configuration:

  • car and light truck wheel balancing
  • truck wheel balancing
  • calibration – separate for car and truck wheels
  • positioning device / automatic stop at wheel imbalance
  • hood
  • ALU Function + SPLIT (Hidden Weight) Function – only for car wheels
  • digital and LED display indications
  • manual offset input
  • lift

Standard equipment for 2322:

Additional equipment with HAWEKA adapter:

TROLL 2322 C:

  • only truck wheels balancing
  • only truck wheels calibration
  • no ALU Function,  no SPLIT (Hidden Weight) Function 

  Standard equipment for 2322 C:


rim width 2"-20"
rim diameter 10"-30"
Balancing accuracy  
- car wheels 1 g
- truck wheels 10 g
power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
motor power 150 W
max. wheel weight 200 kg
measuring speed 120 rpm
pneumatic power supply 8-10 Bar
weight 250 kg
depth a (a max.) 1100 mm
height h (h max.) 1580 mm
width b (b max.) 1630 mm